Tour de Civitan 2019

2019 Tour de Civitan Dates Coming Soon

About the Tour de Civitan

Each year, nearly 500 children and adults with disabilities have the opportunity to experience the adventures and activities of Camp Civitan in Williams, Arizona. Founded in 1968, Civitan Foundation’s longest running, and most beloved program offers week-long camp sessions throughout the summer, and weekend adventures once a month during the rest of the year.

There are times campers may not have the financial resources, either respite-hours or self-pay, to attend the camp. The Tour de Civitan was formed by a group of dedicated Civitan Foundation supporters to raise awareness and funding for the Camp Civitan Scholarship Fund.

Thanks to the generous support of individuals, the Tour de Civitan raised more than $33,000 for the Camp Civitan Scholarship Fund. Thank you!.


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"Camp Civitan in Williams, Arizona is turning 50! We are dedicating our 1,000 mile bicycle “Tour de Civitan” to every child or adult camper that has ever enjoyed a week or two at Camp Civitan! My first experience at camp was nearly 30 years ago, I saw campers have the best week of their lives doing everything from playing kickball, riding horses, presenting plays, and making a new best friend for life. I saw parents picking up their loved ones with a new bounce in their step after a much needed week of respite, ready to tackle life again as a family! I also saw staff and volunteers with tears in their eyes, saying goodbye to folks that made them fully understand the blessing of serving others."

- Frank Nightingale, Civitan Foundation board member and Tour de Civitan rider

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