Camp Civitan FAQs

How do I sign up my child/client for Camp Civitan?

Camp Civitan registration has gone digital!
It’s our 55th camp season and we’ve made getting ready for Camp Civitan much easier with the launch of our UltraCamp portal. Registration is now digital and easy from your laptop, tablet or phone so REGISTER NOW!

Questions: Contact Camp Services Coordinator at 602-953-2944, ext. 110,

How will I know if my child/client has been accepted for their requested week(s)?

You will be notified by a Civitan staff member either by e-mail or phone (if e-mail is not available) as to whether or not your child/client has been accepted for their requested week(s). Please note: Camp Civitan operates on a first-come, first-serve basis. If your child/client is interested in a specific camp week, it is important that you apply early.

If your child/client has never attended Camp Civitan before, they will have to complete a New Camper Intake before the requested week(s) will be approved.

What is a New Camper Intake?

A New Camper Intake is a brief in-person interview with the potential camper and the caregiver to review the individual needs and support that will be required at camp. This is also a time for the potential camper and caregiver to ask questions about camp or voice any concerns they may have.

Who will take care of my child’s medical needs during the camp week?

Camp Civitan’s heath office is staffed by a health care provider (MSN, BSN, RN, ASN, AASN, LPN, CNA, EMT or other individual with first aid and medication administration certification). During the camp week, the health office dispenses medications, takes care of injured or ill campers, provides first aid, and monitors the overall health of all camp participants.

What kinds of activities will my child participate in at camp? How do I know my child will be safe?

Although each camp week is unique, some common activities include: swimming; adaptive sports such as miniature golf, soccer, kickball, basketball, and football; fishing; music; arts and crafts; dances; talent shows; visits from Smokey Bear; and much more. Accommodations are made so that children of all abilities can participate in every summer camp activity.

Camp activities happen in an environment that promotes self-exploration, interaction with peers, making new friends, and engaging in an exciting and safe summer camp experience with age-appropriate boundaries and supervision. Safety is Camp Civitan’s first priority. Camp staff receives training regarding individuals with developmental disabilities, and are briefed on the individual needs of the campers in attendance. All activities are closely monitored, overseen by qualified personnel, and designed to accommodate campers’ individual needs and abilities.

What is the camper-to-provider ratio? What duties do they perform?

The maximum ratio allowed by the Division of Developmental Disabilities is 3:1. However, Camp Civitan prefers to staff camp at a 2:1 ratio and often has enough staff to provide a 1:1 ratio. Providers work with campers around the clock, providing the care, supervision and attention that they need. Providers are responsible for the physical, social, emotional, and behavioral needs of their campers; But above all, they become the campers’ friend for a week, and sometimes a lifetime.

What is the staff screening process? What training do they have?

Parents can be assured that camp providers are thoroughly screened in a process that includes: a formal application, criminal background check and fingerprint clearance, reference checks, and a personal interview with Civitan staff. Camp providers receive training for working with individuals with developmental disabilities including, but not limited to: Article 9 (Client Rights), First Aid, CPR, and Prevention & Support training.

What are the sleeping accommodations?

Camp Civitan is equipped with four dorms (usually 2 male and 2 female), each containing approximately 12 bunk beds. If your child/client has a preference for a particular bed (top/bottom), please record that on their application. Please note campers are responsible for providing their own bedding (sleeping bag, twin sheets, blankest, etc.)

Can campers bring electronics to Camp?

We discourage campers from bringing any electronic devices including cell phones to camp; however, we understand that in some cases these items are necessary. Please make sure that electronic devices sent to camp are labeled and noted on the camper’s inventory sheet. CAMP CIVITAN IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST, STOLEN, OR BROKEN ITEMS.

Can I send my child/client a letter or package while they are at Camp?

Campers love to receive mail from home while at camp. However, please ensure that you mail these items early so that they arrive while your camper is still at camp. Mail sent from Phoenix usually takes 2 days to get to Williams. All letters and packages should be sent to:

Camp Civitan
C/O (camper’s name)
Box 457
Williams, Arizona 86046

Can I call my camper while they are at Camp?

Parents and caregivers are more than welcome to call their camper(s) while they are at camp; however, please note that campers are kept very busy during the day and many times are participating in offsite activities. The best time to call your camper is around the evening mealtime, between 5pm and 7pm. We do ask, however, that you limit your conversations as we have 50 campers during any given week. The camp phone is available in the director's office and used during designated times only.

What if a camper wants to come home midweek?

Sometimes children are reluctant to attend camp due to homesickness or fear. Having a new individual provide their personal care, being a first-time camper or other reasons. For those campers who experience homesickness, in most cases it quickly passes as the camper becomes busy with activities and making new camp friends. However, sometimes homesickness does not pass or a child may not be ready to attend a full week of overnight summer camp. While campers should come to camp with the intention of spending the entire week, should your child/client experience any of these situations, please be assured that Camp Civitan staff will contact you. Together, we’ll discuss a plan on how to best respond to the situation at hand. Please note however, that transportation is not available for early departures.

May my child/client and I visit the camp first to see if we like it?

Prospective campers and their parents are welcome to make a day visit to Camp Civitan to see if they would like to apply for a camping session, or to prepare for an upcoming camping session. If you and your child would like to visit camp, please contact the Civitan Foundation, Inc., (602) 953-2944 to schedule your visit.

Is transportation provided to Camp Civitan?

Camp Civitan provides transportation from the Civitan Village, located at 12635 N. 42nd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85032, to Camp Civitan. If parents are unable to drop their child/client off at this location or by the scheduled departure time, then they will need to make other arrangements for their child/client’s transportation to camp.

Does the Camp have a Store? What types of payments does it accept?

Camp Civitan has a store onsite. The Camp Canteen sells snacks and drinks ranging in price from .50¢ to $2.00. (Campers are limited to one drink and one snack a day.) The store also carries many logo items such as t‐shirts, long-sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, fleece jackets, hats, water bottles, and much more, ranging in price from $5.00-$20.00. We suggest that any restrictions, dietary or otherwise, be noted on the canteen sheet.

Money for the canteen is collected at check-in (all payment forms are accepted at this time). Unfortunately, once your camper is at camp, cash or check are the only forms of payment that will be accepted at the Camp Canteen. Credit/debit cards are not accepted at this time.