Dawn’s Blog

January 19, 2019

Happy New Year may sound a bit cliche but after a wonderful year of many 50-year celebrations we are so excited for 2019, and what may be in the horizons for Civitan. Thank you all so much for supporting, sharing and helping us grow the services we provide for you, your family and loved ones. We truly consider ourselves part of your team, your family and your go to for not only all the services, but part of the coordination and planning for whole and healthy lives. We have added a new position this year and plan on working more on a “person-centered” initiative to help fill the gaps, and grow the experiences, education and desires for a more fulfilling life while incorporating more offerings, programs, outings and supports.

2018, we filled each week-long and weekend camps with wait-lists, our day programs are busily enjoyed by a great group of members, the employment enclaves continue to grow with new community partners, reservations for the Respite Ranch are booking up, and the list goes on. I may be bragging a bit, but I am so proud of what Civitan has become in the past 50 years, what we do, how we do it and who we do it for. They say when you build it, they will come, but also having the “right players on the team is most important.

Our success starts with our strong committed board of directors, program directors, managers and most important our direct care staff. Direct care staff is our strongest asset and we so appreciate all they do. The comradery to the true love of members is what sets us apart. This also is the hardest asset to keep happy, healthy and engaged. This past year many families from time to time brought cookies, pizza, and little gifts of acknowledgement for the staff…. thank you, thank you!!

Of course, all these extra services, little perks and expanded programming require extra funding. We continue to write grants, added a few new fundraisers (Dance-A-Thon, and Marketplace) but also still need for you to consider a monthly donation, and introduction to any new possible donors, corporate givers, and or commit to annual tax dollar credit donations, (extended until April 15).

2019, is underway, many new plans are in motion and it is going to be one of the best years yet! We ask that you continue to “share” the great works at Civitan on our social media outlets, because we know there are still many families and members out there looking for a home and a warm safe community.


Dawn Trapp. CEO