Camp Programs

IMG_7194We believe that the benefit of a traditional week-long camp or weekend camp experience allows individuals to blossom and grow away from home and family routines. Our campers gain new self-confidence, skills, and independence as a result of their camp experience. This is a result not only of the rural, residential camp environment, but also due to the targeted, enriching programming provided at Camp Civitan. Our camp programs are designed to promote positive, healthy lifestyles while building meaningful and lasting relationships.

IMG_4491Food and Nutrition Education— Civitan initiated a Health and Nutrition Program in order to model and encourage healthy diets, active lifestyles, and physical fitness to our clients at Camp Civitan. Our partnership with Arizona Nutrition Network allows us to draw upon their resources to deliver quality, targeted nutrition education, emphasizing fruits and vegetables.  We use proven lesson plans to teach understanding of the food pyramid, portion sizes and the importance of low-fat dairy intake in developmentally appropriate ways.

Arts & Crafts— Each week, campers participate daily in adaptive arts and crafts, completing 3-4 major projects over the course of their camp stay. These projects provide our campers with a creative outlet for expression, and they feel immense pride each time they complete an activity. Beyond that, they have a blast getting their hands dirty!

IMG_9358Sports & Recreation— To complement our food and nutrition program, healthy physical activities are woven into all of our programs. A fully accessible, state-of-the-art sports complex is part of our Camp facility. The daily physical activities are designed to expose our campers to the joy of being active while encouraging them to engage in heart healthy activities.  

IMG_5703Guest Instructors— Civitan engages local professionals each week to increase enrichment, education and recreational opportunities offered at camp. Regular guest activities include dance, karate, zumba, yoga, miniature golf, and a weekly visit from Smoky the Bear.

Field Trips— Each week at camp, we make it a priority to plan 2-3 recreational and enriching field trips into the community. Regular trips include mountain and water tubing, rodeos, golfing, the famous Grand Canyon train, Route 66 Vintage Car & Motorcycle shows, Bearizona, the Deer Farm, indoor swimming and many more!

Garden & Greenhouse— The Camp Civitan garden and greenhouse program provides a unique treatment opportunity for Civitan’s clients with disabilities. The sustainable garden and greenhouse project is primarily designed as a structured, hands-on treatment opportunity for our clients.

IMG_9214The act of gardening stimulates our clients both physically and emotionally. They engage in physical activity while tending to the garden improving their overall health.

Gardening also allows clients to become caregivers to the plants. This switches the traditional roles that have characterized their lives up to this point. Through organic farming, sustainable living projects, and water harvesting, clients actively participate in an endeavor that will supply Camp Civitan meals and develop a greater sense of self-worth and competence.

Evening Activities— Each night, Camp Civitan offers a fun-filled social activity. Weekly evening activities include, but are not limited to: skit night, the hay ride and barbeque, carnival night, karaoke, campfires, movie night, nighttime field games, and the dance!

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NOTICE: There is still space available for campers at all weekly sessions.