The History of the Civitan Foundation

In 1968, Civitan was established in Williams, Arizona as “Camp Civitan” by a group of dedicated volunteers for individuals with developmental disabilities.  As parents and volunteers, they were driven by the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the unique joy of summer camp – regardless of their abilities.  “Camp Civitan” created one of the first year-round camping experiences in Arizona with extracurricular activities for the disabled.

The mission of the Civitan Foundation is to provide our communities an accessible, safe and affordable environment while delivering superior life experiences to enhance the quality of life for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Annually, Civitan serves approximately 1,000 children and adults with disabilities throughout Arizona. In 2003, Civitan expanded its program menu to encompass educational and vocational activities.  This expansion was to meet the direct needs of each one of our families and their loved ones.

In July 2013, Civitan opened a new facility, Civitan Village and unveiled five new programs unmatched by other agencies dedicated to the disabled community.  Civitan Village is the development of a comprehensive educational strategy to ensure real life experiences are possible every day for those with disabilities.

As Civitan moves forward, our goals are to continue exploring opportunities to improve the quality of life for our members.