Day Treatment- Adults

Civitan’s Adult Day Treatment and Training Program is a step toward independence for individuals who are developmentally and physically disabled. Daily living skills, social skills, interaction, money management, exercise, computer skills, arts & crafts and self-care are all important areas for people who are working their way toward personal independence.

These skills are taught both in the facility and in the community. Adult training provides persons with disabilities an opportunity to develop and enhance skills in accordance with their individual support plan. This support plan enables individuals to choose what they want to accomplish or learn to do. Each person is encouraged to apply themselves to real life situations within the community.

Our DTA program will give our participants the opportunity to be independent, to learn something new every day, and to become contributing members of our community. The newly designed Civitan Village at 12635 N. 42nd St. in Phoenix has been designed to enrich and accommodate multiple levels of training and participation. Our programs are based on the principle of “community helping community.”

The uniqueness of our programs are the “volunteer exploration” experience in conjunction with small businesses within our community. This program uncovers hidden talents and skills and helps further develop existing skills increasing individual self-confidence.

We are developing more employment opportunities for participants based on individual’s programs based on their ISP goals. The programs place individuals at daycare centers, hospitals, animal shelters, schools, nursing homes, libraries, county parks, churches, and other small businesses within our community. These placements come with responsibilities such as: collating mailings, reading stories to children, feeding, walking and grooming animals, helping with recreational activities, serving food; beautifying nature; visiting with the elderly, collating church bulletins, beautifying a park, sorting clothing donated to a thrift store, straightening magazines at libraries, and packing groceries at food banks.

Civitan’s DTA programs operate Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm. Transportation is also available. Please call for a tour or information on placement and availability.

We are presently accepting new consumers for this program, please call for availability and more information 602-953-2944.