Media Center

MEDIA CENTER is overseen by an industry expert from Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Media (Dave Cornelius) and offers a range of activities that are educationally-based, that provide real –life industry training, preparing participants with special needs for employment in the multimedia arena. Specific deliverables provide hands-on training and day-to-day activities in the areas of photography, digital film, Internet radio, newsprint layout and live broadcasting.

Program accomplishments to date:Mike and Dave crop

  • Program participants have developed and produced a public service announcement video for Civitan Village programs, a training video for our culinary program and are continually updating Civitan’s website.
  • Civitan has collaborated with KDSTR Radio Corporation/Kidstar Media Network. This project will be ongoing and will assist participants in developing the skills and talents to produce a 60 minute internet radio show that will air in rotation on the Kidstar/VoiceAmerica networks, fully run by the program participants.

“Rapid access to information using ubiquitous mobile devices has caused systemic disruption to the way businessis conducted, education is delivered and people interact with each other. Communication that used to be conducted face to face is now handled by text, Skype, Google hangouts, Twitter or any of a number of social, business and personal networks.”

“Amidst this massive upheaval it is nice to know there are people you can trust for guidance, training and strategic planning. Welcome to my world… the place where E-dreams become reality.”

Dave Cornelius
The Hub at Civitan Village

Technology touches the infrastructure of Civitan Village, integrated into every program area, allowing participants to create a clear and concise message while building skills, speaking out, and creating their own pathway for leadership, employment, and self-sufficiency. Members have access to technological resources, and news through the Internet, i.e., social media, crowd funding, and viral applications.