Civitan Village Training Center

Civitan Village is the most ambitious undertaking of Civitan thus far. Civitan’s Board of Directors, Executive leadership and its staff are committed to innovation that removes barriers while we open new doors of opportunities for those with disabilities. The “out of the box” programs gives participants real-life experiences with expert guidance to achieve independence, sustainability and entrepreneurship.

Mike and Dave cropDigital multimedia productions, art gallery, a culinary institute, sports and health programs are all part of a new, unique training facility opened in July for disabled individuals. Located at 12635 North 42nd Street, Civitan Village offers programs unmatched by other agencies dedicated to the disabled community.

This creative community campus is a collaborative venture between industry experts and Civitan’s Executive leadership with more than 45 years of experience serving the disabled. Dave Cornelius from Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communication, Art Brooks Executive Director of Arizona Broadcasters Association, Sam at Detour Company Theater, local artist Merilee Adams, and certified chef Jim Rio are guiding these unprecedented vocational and employment training activities for the disabled.

Civitan Village is the result of a comprehensive educational strategy designed to make sure real-life experiences are possible every day for those with disabilities. Programs inside Civitan Village:

The Hub Arts Studio, Gallery & Stage
Digitally connects all programmatic activities and provides real-life industry training. Participants learn skills, tools and techniques that enable them to tell their own stories. The Hub provides opportunities for self-expression and more importantly, an outlet for advocacy, announcements and outreach via our website and online radio and television channels. Allows for exposure to the arts and the essential role it plays in the lives of all people by promoting self-expression and communication. Civitan Village showcases and teaches many modalities of the arts. Opportunities include stimulation in visual, hands-on, all art medians, as well as live performances and stage work.
Culinary Institute Sports & Health
Collaborates with culinary experts to implement curricula that includes basic kitchen knowledge, hands-on engagement, skill development activities, and gainful employment in the hospitality industry. The Culinary Institute’s “people helping people” model also provides meals to over 25,000 youth in collaboration with free and reduced meal programs, teaching our participants how to prepare and distribute healthy meals to people in need. Are critical parts of a healthy lifestyle. Civitan has provide adapted educational programming for schools and peer organizations for more than five years. The goal is to help participants have the opportunities to reach and maintain healthier habits.