PHOENIX (May 24, 2018) –   On a recent Saturday morning in May, Boy Scouts from Troop 11 in Cave Creek arrived at the Civitan Village in Phoenix to remove an old decaying wood deck, making way for the construction of a new cement patio. In just a few short hours, Troop 11’s Scouts and families moved heavy cement pots, cut-up the old platform structure, and cleared the area of debris to have it hauled off by the city. Members of organizations, such as the Fraternal Order of Eagles, lend helping hands at the Village by doing odd jobs, running crucial errands, and making deliveries of food for our commercial kitchen. The Village is also fortunate to have donors who provide financial support, materials and supplies. A few weeks ago, Civitan received yoga mats from strangers who read an article that Civitan’s members were in need. One gentleman gave a generous check to help purchase mats and yoga equipment with instructions to spend the rest on any other items that members would find useful.  In Williams, Arizona, teenage volunteers spend a week or more at Camp Civitan from June through early August helping implement social, recreation and adventure programs for over 50 campers with disabilities.  Volunteers and donors are an invaluable community resource supporting Civitan’s work.

Civitan Foundation is a non-profit organization providing people with disabilities superior life experiences, vocational training, and independent living-skill development. In 1968, thanks to community volunteers and donors, Camp Civitan was created to provide a unique camp for children and adults with disabilities. Today, Civitan Foundation has grown into a comprehensive organization with a range of services.  The Civitan Village Life Learning Center provides members vocational training, music instruction, culinary and catering services, an arts and drama program, media services, yoga classes and more. Flerish Design and Resale, located at 12625 N. Cave Creek Road, is a thrift store where our members learn retail skills, earn an income, and serve the community. Sales from the store support the programs and services of Civitan.  The Foundation’s Home and Community Based Services provide individualized services for members and families in the home.

Other services offered by Civitan include a respite house for families, weekend community based recreation activities, Adult Day programs in the towns of Williams and Maricopa, as well as the Civitan on 66 boutique thrift store in Williams.

Civitan Foundation is an innovative and successful organization celebrating 50-years of providing services for people with disabilities. With support from our unsung volunteer and donor heroes, dedicated staff, strong leadership and creative service development, Civitan Foundation will continue to meet the needs of people with disabilities for years to come.