Appalachian Man

Gary Parkinson decided to hike the Appalachian trail all the way from Georgia to Main, and is sponsoring Civitan Foundation as well as many other foundations for special needs kids. If anyone is interested in following his journey, you can visit for his hiking posts. Even more exciting than his charity hike, Civitan’s Media group “the Hub” took point on designing the marketing materials for Gary. From a produced video, to logo design and web work, Civitan clients were involved the whole time. Executive Dawn Trapp had this to say about the opportunity for Civitan media:
“Civitan is very excited to have the opportunity to partner and help Gary with this dream of hiking the AT. We were first introduced to Gary through our past board president Frank Nightingale, during the one of the annual Grand Canyon Rim to Rim adventure, where many of the hikers spend the night after at Camp Civitan for a night of great fun, food and storytelling, so Gary has experienced the warm and welcoming feeling at our special needs camp first hand.
When Gary came to us with his plans, we jumped right in to help, with our newly created client media team and offered our talents in web-site and graphic design and video production. This has been a great experience for our clients to be involved and have the chance to display their creative talents, and our first attempt in a “real” job final creation product in our media HUB.
As the months and miles past, we will be here in Arizona supporting and cheering Gary on! As he helps us in raising funds for scholarships enabling more individuals to also attend and enjoy respite camps.”